My personal mission

Working at INiTS means working with great, entrepreneurial people every day, it’s awesome!

Responsible for

Irene Fialka is a passionate CEO leading a divers team of startup enthousiasts. Her life sciences background, deep understanding of intellecutal porperty issues and her big network has been of great value for INiTS‘ clients in many situations.

Work experience

She has worked with startups since 2004 and helped numerous successful entrepreneurs to develop their strategies and businesses, protect their IP, build up a team and raise funds. She has lectured related topics at universities since 2006. Before her career in the startup world she worked for > 10 years in life sciences research in Austria and Switzerland.


Irene holds a doctoral degree in molecular biology from the University of Vienna, studied economics and business administration (not finished) and is certified management consultant (CMC).

Persönliches Profil

Managing Director Health Hub Vienna