Managing Partner at ChalkRow Venture Inc

Chaney Ojinnaka, New Yorker is managing partner at ChalkRow Ventures, a marketing & growth agency for Tech and SMB companies. He was Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Tech Accelerator Startup bootcamp where he mentored Marketplace and Software as a Service startups in Growth Marketing and Business Development while assuming the role of CMO for one of the portfolio companies. He began his career in B2B consulting and product management at Fortune 100 brands Aetna and Humana where he successfully executed transparency, productivity, workflow and gamification technologies in the US and England. Chaney, a business, creative and technical hybrid with 12 years of progressive leadership experience has a broad range of industry experience and familiarity with business models in the following sectors – Enterprise SaaS, Consumer/Digital Health, Media (Content/Film/Photo/Video). Exceptionally strong in strategic partnerships, growth hacker marketing and financial modeling, he holds an MBA from the University of Chicago where he concentrated in Marketing, Entrepreneurial Strategy & Finance, an MS from Kings College London and a BS from Howard University. He is based in Berlin

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